Andhra Pradesh, one of the southern states of India, is well known for the lush green and paddy fields. The capital city is Amaravati, situated along the Krishna River in the Guntur district. The state is always a hub for education, which is successful till now in securing many top ranks in the exams conducted for prestigious courses in the country.

Being the 8th largest state of the 29 states in India, Andhra Pradesh hosts a generous population count, which represents various economic classes. Different types of occupations prevail in the state, while the major livelihood comes from the farming. The beauty is majority of the people believe strongly in education, and they invest huge amounts for the studies for themselves or family members. This is the prime reason for the exceptional literacy of the state and overwhelming technical education.


The climate of Andhra Pradesh varies considerably for each season. While the rainfall is heavy in the monsoon, temperatures are high in the summers. The typical temperatures of the state are 20 °C to 42 °C.


All kinds of geographical aspects are found in AP (Andhra Pradesh). Mountains, hills, plains, rivers, forests, etc. are found in abundance. The major rivers, Krishna and Godavari, flow through the state, making the entire land along the banks fertile. This is the prime factor for extensive agriculture throughout the region.

Another geographical highlight is AP has the second longest coastline in India, the first being Gujarat. Marine related activities and businesses are more in the region, and it is the source for huge employment.


As mentioned earlier, education is very important in the region. Technical courses are very valuable here, and the basics are introduced from the school days itself. Dedicated training for the prestigious programs, like IIT, MBBS, Engineering, etc. is started from the school level, and the students prepare for the prestigious state level and national level exams with a lot of vigor. However, the professional courses which have a lot of demand are Engineering and Medicine.

Plethora of engineering colleges are also situated in the region. While the majority of them are affiliated to JNTU Kakinada, JNTU Anantapur and Andhra universities, the others are autonomous or under the jurisdiction of Sri Venkateswara and Krishna universities.

The quality of engineering education is impeccable, and the graduation students are trained to attain the required skills for competing at the global level for employment.


The major source for economy is the agricultural sector. Not only farmers and traders, many companies related to this sector have been established. The industrial sector occupies the second place. Sri City, located at Nellore, is the hub for many MNCs and local companies, which have opened their manufacturing plants in the region.  IT sector is predominant too, especially in Vishakapatnam. The industrial sectors have the capability to grow by leaps and bounds in the coming years, due to the thousands of projects in the pipeline (an after effect of the bifurcation of erstwhile Andhra Pradesh into two states).

Andhra Pradesh has a lot of potential in education and economy, and it can be the preferred destination for higher studies and employment in the years to come.