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About ECE Department

We have great pleasure in placing before you about our department. We are delighted to see the progress made by this department. During last 7 years of its existence the management has made all the effort to satisfy the norms of AICTE and JNTU Hyderabad. This department with disciplined staff and students, has Already come to be recognized as one of the good dept in this campus.

It is hoped that this would produce engineers who would transform the face of modern electronics/computer world. We feel privileged to be associated with the destiny and Development of the department in the crucial 7 yrs of development. The infrastructural facilities and student’s amenities have been developed to its zenith.

The primary objective of this department is to provide Quality education to the students, to mould them into good citizens of the country and make them surge ahead with knowledge and confidence to face the competitive world.

The senior faculty members of this department strongly Believe that the true meaning of education is building up of strong and Positive character in young students of this department with this sole Aim the forefront of importing value based education to its students And achieved a very visible progress since then.

The ECE Department is one of the strongest department in the campus and stands high in its objectives and outcomes. The Department is technically storage with well experienced labs and qualified  staff members. The teaching staff has minimum 5 years of academic experience. The Department has well equipped laboratories, library and e-calssroom. The Department ha been generating the college topper from the beginning of Intell Era. The Department has 3 sections for each year and has a total of 453(B.Tech), 27(M.Tech), Diploma.