The school of Computer Science & Engineering stands tall as the workstation of young and vibrant engineering setting benchmarks for technical excellence since 1998. Making rapid progress ever since, the department is now fully grooved into the emerging trends of the IT Industry. We vouch to offer the highest degree of conceptual information and real time implementations.

The department has following disciplines -
  • Bachelor of Technology in Computer Science & Engineering
  • Master of Computer Science
  • Master of Technology in Computer Science

The Department will be the center of Excellence in Training and Research in the areas of COMPUTER SCIENCE & ENGINEERING to meet the present and future  needs of society with human face.  To become self processing in higher education, Research, Development, Consultancy and Training.


The mission of the Department is to train the students in latest technologies, achieve best standards in theoretical and practical aspects: apart from involving them in live projects in collaboration with industry to develop indigenous and appropriate technologies at low cost to help the rural people.

Quality Policy
  • The improve the teaching learning at both B.Tech., M.Tech & MCA Level
  • To evaluate the performance of student at regular intervals and take necessary steps for betterment
  • To establish and develop centers of excellence for Research and Consultancy.
  • To prepare students to face the competition in the market globally and realize the responsibilities as true citizen to serve the nation and uplift the country's pride.
Rules & Regulations
  • DO 's
  • Dont's
    • Must maintain Silence.
    • All students should enter the lab with formal dress.
    • All students must carry observation book to the lab.
    • All students must enter their name in log book as soon as they enter the lab.
    • Leave the shoes in shoe stand only.
    • While leaving the lab they should shutdown system and keep chairs properly.
    • logoff Computer after finish (Try to remember to shutdown the computer when you leave)
    • keep your voice low when speaking to others in lab
    • Do ask the staff for assistance if help needed
    • Use computer as much as you need for academic purpose
    • Start your programming assignments early as you don't have to work in late hours.
    • Report system malfunctioning to appropriate staff
    • Enter the name, Reg. No. time of entry and exit in log book.
    • Utilize the lab manuals provided in the laboratory.
    • Nobody should enter the LAB wearing shoe.
    • Nobody should misuse the systems.
    • Don't use Networking Resources for playing games, chat etc.,
    • Don't eat or drinking while working at computer
    • Don't attempt to bypass the computer security system
    • Don't delete, examine, copy or modify file/data belonging to other users without their prior consent
    • Don't will fully introduce computer viruses, Trojan horse and other destructive programs.
    State of the ART Labs
    • C & C++ Lab
    • Database System Lab
    •  Linux and Unix Lab
    • Data Structures Lab
    • Microprocessor Lab
    • Multimedia Lab
    • Digital Integrated Circuits Lab
    • Hardware and Network Lab
    • CAD/CAM Lab
    • Digital Signal Processing Lab
    • Embedded System Lab
    • Web Technologies Lab