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about cse

About CSE Department

Established in 1998, Intell’s CSE Department got all the appreciation from the students, parents and corporate firms for its dedication in providing high quality computer education.

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Vision & Mission

Our vision is to make the CSE students proficient in computer skills, and competent enough to succeed in the competitive world. We offer training programs which improve the knowledge of the students by multiple folds.

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Courses Offered

Intell offers 4 year CSE course in B.Tech and 2 year advanced course in M.Tech. We also offer additional training courses, which are related to the main streams, and they are useful for the students to keep their knowledge updated according to the global standards.

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course struct

Course Structure

We implement the course structure formulated by the JNTU Anantapur University. The subjects are spread throughout the course, and the topics are inter-related, so that the students learn the aspects in a step by step manner.

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CSE Program Out Comes

The CSE students are able to handle various software, hardware and networking job roles in the global market, and they can put up an extraordinary performance which is an indispensable asset for the corporate firms.

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Admissions Eligibility

Getting qualified in the EAMCET exam, conducted by the Government of Andhra Pradesh, and GATE or PGECET is utmost important to earn eligibility for admission into B.Tech and M.Tech courses respectively.

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CSE Career Prospects

The ever increasing demand for software applications, hardware components and network administration has sealed a bright future for the CSE students. The requirement is felt globally, and the onsite offers are prevalent.

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Why CSE Course @ Intell

CSE course should be accessed at Intell, for the sophisticated technical education and amenities. These features are crucial for turning the students into professional computer engineers, securing their future.

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The CSE department alludes state-of-the-art infrastructure, which is required for the practical implementation of the theoretical aspects. In fact, it is instrumental in the professional development of the students.

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Intell CSE HOD

HOD Profile

CSE department at Intell is led by Janardhan, the H.O.D.  He has an extensive experience of 11 years in the education, and he had published numerous papers in national and international events.

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Department Faculty

The faculty of Intell CSE are highly knowledgeable and vastly experienced, proving to be instrumental in teaching the students effectively. They encourage the students in every aspect, till they are successful in their careers.

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Academic Calendars

Academic calendars for the CSE department are prepared, in accordance with the JNTU Anantapur University, and all the academic functions are carried out according to them.

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Research & Publications

The R&D cell of CSE department handles the research activities, and it encourages the students to participate in them. As a result, many papers are published till now by the CSE students.

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Department Events

The department events of CSE, aimed at the professional and academic development of the students, are conducted regularly. They include seminars, workshops, fests, etc.

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Department Achievements

Our CSE students are active in various national and international programs, and they have achieved a number of medals and awards till date. They have presented research papers on the most complicated topics, and proved their excellence.

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Department Placements

Intell provides a number of campus placement programs for its computer students, and top level MNCs participate in these events. It is a beneficial platform for the students, to showcase their talents and achieve good job roles.

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CSE Department Alumni

The alumni of CSE Department are the source of encouragement for our students. They motivate the wannabe engineers, and provide the required inputs to help the junior students reach formidable heights in their careers.

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Department Associations

Intell CSE department has associations with many related firms and organizations. The students can learn about new technologies, due to the combined research with the reputable entities, like CSI (Computer Society of India), which is the major association of Intell.

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Department Notice Board

Get notifications about the CSE department at Intell by following the notice board. All the contemporary and future events and announcements are released here.

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Department Blog

The blog of Intell’s CSE department offers various articles on the computer topics. They provide you with highly useful information, which can improve your knowledge about these aspects.

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Department Contact

To know more about out CSE department, post your enquiries to the respective authorities. Make a call or shoot a mail to us at the provided contact details.

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