Computer Science & Engineering  Department Program Outcomes

The ultimate outcomes of CSE course are

  • Proficient in the computer fundamentals and concepts.
  • Perfect in the basic computer languages, like C, C++ and the medium level programming languages, like JAVA.
  • Ability to manage the ORACLE database.
  • Able to run the programs effectively.
  • Can identify a problem, and make necessary changes to the programming code to solve the issue.
  • The graduate can understand a project, interpret the requirements and think about the solution.
  • Capable to derive the required solution by using the respective programming languages.
  • Can use the available tools to derive the solution quickly and efficiently.
  • Able to debug the output, and make corrections to the coding to suit the project requirements.
  • Ready to learn various software technologies according to the market requirement, and implement them effectively to accomplish a wide variety of tasks.
  • The CSE student can understand about various hardware components, their usage and the respective terminology.
  • Knowledgeable about various models in the respective hardware, and use the right ones for maximizing the efficiency.
  • Ability to use the right hardware configuration to use the respective software and work on the projects seamlessly.
  • Can manage the network of computer systems effectively, and improve the productivity of a company.
  • Able to solve any technical bugs and secure the network, so that the operations of a firm run without any interruption