Why Computer Science & Engineering  @  Intell :-

CSE is all about creativity and brainstorming, and laying out those magnificent ideas in the form of programming codes. This process involves a lot of errors, failures and even dead ends, but the programmer should avert these roadblocks and continue with programming till the solution is achieved. Intell is the master in turning the CSE students to exceptional programmers, hardware and network engineers.

Intell relies on its faculty to train the students well, and our teaching staff is too good at that. Some of the CSE faculty members have close to a decade experience, while the top most heads are 15+ years experienced. They have mastered the teaching skill in all these years, and this talent is very useful in making the students understand the concepts and do coding perfectly.

Our exceptional computer labs provide the students with the required facilities to harness their skills. The hardware aspects are explained in detail, so that the students who have liking towards computer hardware can turn into the respective jobs. We also provide the required training for network management, to transform the interested students into professional network engineers.

Studying CSE at Intell is the right and beneficial thing to do, if you want to enjoy success in the computer and software solutions industry.