Intell College Director A.V. Prathap Reddy Garu
Respected Director A.V. Prathap Reddy Garu


Profile of the Director

I saw a different world when I joined BITS, Pilani for my Engineering course in the year 1978. It was so different from my previous academic life. I could touch and use computer (IBM 1130 Main Frame) when more than 90% of the then engineering students in the country used to just hear about computers and were just reading and imagining about them.

Students at BITS had utmost freedom to pursue the courses, attend classes of their bellowed lecturers, take the exams, verify their answer scripts including the scripts of final exam, do extra courses and even obtain additional qualifications at the same time.

Almost the sky was the limit to excel in any field of their choice. This is not true only with the academics. Students could pursue their hobbies and extra curricular skills. There was Gliding Club, Squash court, swimming pool with warm water facility apart from regular facilities for football, volley ball, cricket, hockey etc. along the Music club, Photographic club, the CRAC centre and many more.

Then, I dreamt of providing similar educational opportunities and facilities at my home town (ANANTHAPURAMU) and see that the people of my native place get best of the opportunities.

In pursuit of the dream, I started a computer academy at Ananthapuramu in 1989 and named it Intel Informatics. The students who sought to do a course in computers in those days used to thing of it as a mere course in typing for a month or so. It took a lot of hard work to convince them that typing is only a part of the course in computers and there are a lot of programming skills that are to be acquired. After that, the prospective students were looking at it as an enhancer of their employability.

I went a step forward and took the franchise of MAEGABYTE COMPUTER ACADEMY in 1990 to enhance the interest and employability of people in computers. Almost everybody who did the courses were getting better employment and many have even gone abroad.

This lead to further interesting things. The students started asking for any recognized Diploma Certificate for any institution to be issued for Megabyte Computer Academy. We approached Sri Krishnadevaraya University, Ananthapuramu and sought their approval for our courses.

We were told that the University was going to start Under Graduate Courses in computers and we had to start a Degree college to run those courses. We established Intel Degree College in 1993 and subsequently Intel junior College and Intel Degree College (PG Division).

The march did not stop at that. Finally, making good of the opportunity provided by the State Government of Andhra Pradesh, we started Intell Engineering College in 1998. I had to give up my Government job at this point to pursue my dream.

Though there are many systemic constraints in providing BITS kind of education at Ananthapuramu, every effort is being made to achieve the kind of educational system of BITS, Pilani and we are able to succeed.

This pursuit is unending and dynamic. It requires involvement of the management, staff and the students together to march further.

Message From the Director

"Now it is your turn to get involved as you have evinced interest to join our institution and bettering our system to make it the best."