The EEE program features a range of student outcomes, which are immensely beneficial for their future. After the course completion, they are able to

  • Understand the Electrical and Electronics topics, and use this knowledge for the work purposes or further education.
  • Feature a detailed understanding of the core concepts, so that they can implement those aspects in the real time environment.
  • Experiment on the academic topics, and obtain the required results. This includes the interpretation of various core topics, terminology, and conduct the experiments by using the available procedures.
  • Can find out any mistakes or issues in the experiments or the products, and make the necessary changes to get the target output.
  • Conduct the experiments successfully, and analyze and interpret the resultant data, to use it for producing an effective product.
  • Work in teams to improve the output and productivity. They give preference to the team work rather individual milestones, and can complete the tasks of colleagues if the work is pending due to any reason.
  • Can communicate seamlessly with the teammates, officials and clients, to complete the projects effectively and provide utmost customer satisfaction. The verbal and non-verbal skills are of top notch for these graduates.
  • Implement the various tools available for the core purposes, and maximize the efficiency.