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About ECE Department

Our ECE department came into existence in 1998, and from then, it did an exemplary job in producing thousands of specialist electronic engineers. The innovative teaching and advanced infrastructure deserve a special mention.

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Vision & Mission

We look forward to produce engineers with formidable skills in electronics and communications engineering, by employing innate teaching talent and astounding amenities, and organize effective academic programs in the ECE department.

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Courses Offered

Intell offers ECE in B.Tech, M.Tech and Diploma. The complexity of the core subjects varies for each of these courses. Read more to know about the courses in detail. 

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course struct

Course Structure

Our ECE course structure follows the pattern set by the JNTU Anantapur University, and the usual term is 4 years for B.Tech and 2 years for M.Tech. All the core subjects are distributed throughout the course tenure.

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ECE Program Out Comes

By pursuing ECE, the students will be in a sound position to tackle the electronics or communications related jobs. They excel at the communication skills, which is the key to step into the global arena.

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Admissions Eligibility

To pursue ECE at Intell, the students should be eligible and possess the required qualifications. Good performance in the entrance examination, the EAMCET is the key to get admission in our college.

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ECE Career Prospects

Electronics industry is mammoth, and hence the career opportunities are huge for these graduates. Due to the added skills in communications engineering, the career prospects are extraordinary by any standards.


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Why ECE Course @ INTELL

The display of fine teaching skills and excellent academic records point towards the excellence of Intell in the ECE stream. Definitely, we are the fine choice for pursuing ECE.

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ece lab


The availability of extraordinary ECE infrastructure at our disposal is a boon for the students. They can indulge in the academics with utmost concentration, and excel in their careers.

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ece hod

HOD Profile

Mrs. Deepthi Jordhana Pobbati, the efficient educationist, is the HOD of the ECE department, and she is leading the entire group with the zeal to achieve excellence. Her experience spanned through 10 years in the education sector, and innumerable paper presentations at international and national events.

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Department Faculty

The ECE department faculty are skilled and energetic, spending their eloquent talent in shaping up the future of the ECE students. Their versatility is evident in the classroom and practical sessions, which results in effective teaching of the core aspects.

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Academic Calendars

In compliance with the academic planning of JNTU Anantapur, we issue academic calendars for the ECE students. All the departmental activities, like examinations, events, etc. are organized according to these schedules.

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Research & Publications

The ECE department’s R&D cell implants the zest of research in the students. It enables them to explore the advanced levels of Electronics and Communications.

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Department Events

To develop the skills of ECE students, we organize various departmental events, like symposiums, seminars, etc. They are conducted regularly, and the students are encouraged to participate in them.

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Department Achievements

The ECE department’s students had put up scintillating performances across various global events, and proved their mettle. The awards and medals earned during these events are testimonials to their skills.     

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Department Placements

Our campus is the favorite venue for many companies, to select the talented ECE students. Many MNCs conduct placement programs at out premises, offering impeccable employment opportunities for our students.

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ECE Department Alumni

The ECE department alumni offers the students with the required mentorship, to make them successful in their careers. They lend the present students with the essential tips and tricks, to pass the academics with flying colors, and adore respectable job roles.    

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Department Notice Board

The notice board of ECE department provides the information about various happenings. It is the medium for the administration to make announcements regarding the students, to notify about various events.

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Department Blog

The fine display of the ECE students’ talent is evident in the department’s blog. The numerous articles written by them, for enlightening the readers, are the examples for the excellently put informative content pieces.

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Department Contact Us

Reach us for clarifications about any queries you have regarding the ECE department. You can do so by calling or mailing us at the provided phone number or e-mail IDs.

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