The outcomes of ECE program are quite optimistic, and the graduates are able to

  • Understand the terminology of Electronics and Communications, which is required to know about the concepts.
  • Gain proficiency in the basic and core concepts. They are required for learning the advanced topics in the further studies, or implementing in the real time environment.
  • Carry out experiments by using the basic principles. They should be able to experiment by designing the circuits, implementing the procedures, analyze the obtained data and interpret it for the further use.
  • Design the systems and components by taking the realistic elements, like social, economic, environmental, ethical, etc. factors into account, and making the products compatible with these factors.
  • Identify any problems in the product or experiment, and formulate the respective solutions to overcome the issues.
  • Work within teams effectively and improve the productivity. The collective team work is very important for any company to produce quality output within a quick time span. The ECE graduates can do it efficiently, and they can also take up the work of their teammates in case of any issues.
  • Use various tools and techniques to obtain the required output. A thorough knowledge in these aspects can help the graduates in choosing the most beneficial ways to accomplish their tasks.