Entrepreneurship can post huge turnovers and mass employment. It is also capable of boosting the country’s economy and the per capita income. Understanding the significant benefits, Intell is organizing an entrepreneurship cell to encourage its students to turn into young entrepreneurs, and change the fate of our country in a good way.

The entrepreneurship cell features seminars, workshops, etc. to make our undergraduates start new businesses right after the graduation. Motivational and knowledgeable lectures are provided by the top most people of the respective niche industries. It is the right place for the students who are interested in entrepreneurship.

This program can improve the following entrepreneur skills in the students.
  • Identification of potential products.
  • Conducting market research to know about a product’s reception. Ability to use the available tools for this purpose.
  • Able to create the project and technical reports.
  • Ability to react according to the valuated reports and take the necessary steps.