Our faculty are well experienced, and they got the innate talent to make the students clear about the academic topics. Their expertise is the essential element for the success of the students and the college.

Computer Science and Engineering Department Faculty

S.NOName of the employeeDesignationExperience
1Dr. G.Prakash BabuProfessor15
2Dr. K ChennakesavuluProfessor17
3A.L. SreenivasuluProfessor12
4K. JanardhanAssoc.Professor9
5C. NageshAssoc.Professor9
6P. NamrathaAssoc.Professor8
7T.V. Naga JayuduAssoc.Professor9
8B. SowmyaAssoc.Professor5
9K. BhargaviAssoc.Professor4
10D. Rajesh BabuAsst.Professor3
15D.Sreekanth ReddyAsst.Professor5 months
16A.SreelakshmiAsst.Professor5 months
17S Muqtyar AhmedAsst.Professor5 months
18G RajinikanthAsst.Professor5 months
19B LakshmaiahAsst.Professor5 months
20B ThirupathaiahAsst.Professor5 months
21N KeerthiAsst.Professor5 months
22K R LokeshAsst.Professor5 months
23D KulaiappaAsst.Professor5 months
24K P KarthikAsst.Professor5 months
25Shaik Baba FakruddinAsst.Professor5 months

Electronics and Communication Engineering

S.No.Name & DesignationDesignation Qualification
1P. Deepthi Jordhana Associate ProfessorM.TECH
2M.Mahitha Associate ProfessorME
3E. Vedavathi Assistant Professor M.TECH
4M. Sandhya Rani Associate ProfessorM.TECH
5Y. Baba Salauddin Associate ProfessorM.TECH
6P. Paramesh Naik Assistant Professor M.TECH
7P.Kullaya Swamy Assistant Professor M.TECH
8K. Madan Mohan Associate Professor M.TECH
9S. Raghavendra Prasad Assistant ProfessorM.TECH
10Syed Parveen Associate ProfessorM.TECH
11B Uday Kiran Reddy Assistant Professor M.TECH
12S. Ismail Saheb Assistant Professor M.S
13A Siva Kesavulu Assistant Professor M.TECH
14G.Kumar Assistant Professor M.TECH
15S.Prabhu Kiran Assistant Professor M.TECH
16K.Gayathr Assistant Professor M.TECH
17M.B.Bheema KumarAssistant ProfessorM.TECH
18GnanaprasannaAssistant ProfessorM.TECH
19S.HarishAssistant ProfessorM.TECH
20G.Raja KumariAssistant ProfessorB.TECH
21G.SreeveenaAssistant ProfessorM.TECH
22S.Maha VishnuAssistant ProfessorM.TECH
23M.Haseena BeeAssistant ProfessorM.TECH
24C.ShobhaAssistant ProfessorB.TECH
25K.TejaAssistant ProfessorB.TECH
26J.RadhikaAssistant ProfessorM.TECH
27K.SireeshaAssistant ProfessorM.TECH
28L.S.DevarajAssistant ProfessorM.TECH
29M.Kalpana BaiAssistant ProfessorM.TECH
30W.YasmeenAssistant ProfessorM.TECH

Electrical and Electronics Engineering

S .NoName of the FacultyDesignationQualificationExperience
1G BalakrishnaProfessorM.Tech Ph.D16 Years
2Dr. L DeviAssociate ProfessorM Tech (Ph.D)17 Years
3Y Krishna PriyaAssistant ProfessorM Tech (Ph.D)8 Years
4L AnithaAssistant ProfessorM Tech7 Years
5M S G SmithaAssistant ProfessorM Tech7 Years
6M.SekahrAssistant ProfessorM Tech5 Years
7M T VenkatshAssistant ProfessorM Tech5 Years
8V Surya PrakashAssistant ProfessorM Tech5 Years
9K SireeshaAssistant Professor(M Tech )3 Years
10D V RahityaAssistant Professor(M Tech )2 Years
11K SunithaAssistant Professor(M Tech )1 Year
12K PoojithaAssistant Professor1 Year
13B Surya NarayanaAssistant Professor1 Year
14G MeenaAssistant Professor3 Years
15G M ManjunathAssistant Professor4 Years
16K GayatriAssistant Professor2 Years
17M Mohammad ShoyabAssistant Professor2 Years

Civil Engineering

S.NoName & DesigntionQualificationExperience
1Dr.G.VANI, ProfessorAMIE,M.Tech,Ph.D15
2P.R.K.MURTHY, Asst, ProfB.Tech (M.Tech)16
3E. SREENIVASULU, Assoc, ProfM.Tech8
4B.RAJESWARI, Asst, ProfB.Tech 4
5G RAMESH, Asst, ProfB.Tech (M.Tech)2.5
6K. MADHURI, Asst, ProfB.Tech (M.Tech)2.5
7G. RAMANJINEYULU, Asst, ProfB.Tech (M.Tech) 2.5
8K.S. IMTHIYAZ,Asst, ProfB.Tech (M.Tech)2
9B. USHA RANI,Asst, ProfB.Tech (M.Tech)2
10K. MYLARAPPA,Asst, ProfB.Tech2
11R.V. CHANDANA,Asst, ProfB.Tech1
12G. RESHMA,Asst, ProfB.Tech1

Mechanical Engineering

S.NoName of the FaucltyDesiginationQualification
1Dr.V. Naga Prasad NaiduPrincipal & ProfessorM.tech, Ph.D
2S.Sardar AliHOD & Assistant ProfessorM.tech
3M.PrakashAssistant ProfessorM.tech
4D.SreekanthAssociate ProfessorM.tech
5T. Giri kesavaAssistant ProfessorM.tech
6KullayappaAssistant ProfessorB.tech
7S. Khaleel BashaAssistant ProfessorM.tech
8A.C.R.Kishore Yadav Assistant ProfessorM.tech
9R.Sudheer kumar ReddyAssistant ProfessorM.tech
10D.V.V.PawanAssistant ProfessorM.tech
11M.Baba RizwanAssistant ProfessorB.Tech(M.Tech)
12P.Hussain BabuAssistant ProfessorM.tech
13T.RajashekarAssistant ProfessorM.tech
14B.Noor SamadAssistant ProfessorB.tech
15M.BabjanAssistant ProfessorB.tech
16M.Sudarshan kumarAssistant ProfessorB.Tech(M.Tech)
17S. FarzanaAssistant ProfessorB.tech

Master of Computer Application

SL.No.Name of the StaffDesignationExperience
1G. Sesha Phaneendra BabuAssociate Professor12
2M. Vinay KumarAssistant Professor11
3P. ShajahanAssistant Professor11 + 6 Yrs. Ind. Exp
4R. Md. RaffiqAssistant Professor11
5M. SailajaAssistant Professor9
6M. MadhaviAssistant Professor8
7Dr. Vl PavaniAssociate Professor12
8E GayathriAssociate Professor11