Name of the FacultyS.Nazeer Hussain
DesiginationsHead of the Department
QualificationMsc (Ph.D)
Experience Present Experience in Intell: 11 Years.nPrevious Experience: 5 years.nR&D Experience: 5 years.
Achievements We had conducted 5 workshops related to Personality development, seminar on nPre placement training activities, seminar on Geo politics, an approach to engineering. Education & 6 eventsn
Research & pubilicationAn international research journal of engineering sciences and technology
Conatct No99635 36128

Message From HOD

Our S&H Dept. Consists of 18 members among them 4 are doctorates. 2 persons have M.philDegree. 3 more people are perusing doctorate course. Every Lecturer has bent of mind towards And has been showing maximum interest in the all round development of the students.They conduct many types of examinations to develop the academic standards of the students and counsel them whenever necessary.

Apart from taking active interest in the academic development of students. They take the students Industrial tour,excursions. They encouraged the students to participate in extra curricular and cocurricular activities .With the encouragement given by our lecturers,our students have won many prizes in seminar and workshop.

Our dept have senior most faculty with highly qualified degrees and experiences.

H&S Head of the Department 

S.Nazeer Hussain