The H&S program is formulated to make the first year engineering students ready to face the core concepts in the next years of graduation. After this program, the students are

  • Proficient in the basic mathematics, science and engineering concepts. Since the core subjects are vast, these basic concepts are required to understand the subject in depth.
  • Good at conducting the basic experiments and achieve the required output data. The first year students are introduced to different practical sessions, and this improves their ability to conduct experiments in the advanced levels of graduation.
  • Ready to understand the concepts of engineering drawing, and implement them in the civil and mechanical streams. They are introduced with the important topics like projections, etc. to improve their skills in designing a plan or concept effectively.
  • Appreciable in the basic computer concepts and languages. They are provided with the simple aspects of computer architecture and the basic programming language, the ā€œCā€. The students are able to write programs in this language, and run them effectively.
  • Well versed with the basic electrical and electronic concepts and experiments. They are able to design the circuits and conduct the experiments.
  • Proficient in the communication skills, both written and verbal. They are required to understand the subjects well, and present them effectively in the examinations.