intell college labs

Intell prioritizes the laboratories over any other aspect. We believe that the real learning curve starts in the labs, where students implement their knowledge earned in the classroom. So, we upgrade them regularly with the latest versions in the market.

Our CSE lab is a testimony to the next-gen education. We use the desktops and laptops of high end configuration, so that our students can run any applications, like 3D VFX and video rendering with ease. And we have a huge collection of applications software too. The high speed LAN and Wi-Fi provide blazing internet speeds for the convenience of our upcoming software engineers.

ECE, EEE, Mechanical and Civil labs are provided with all the necessary kits and machines. Our under graduate and graduate students can use these amenities to complete their project works and research.

Due to the stringent measures taken for maintaining the labs in top condition, our students are sound at practical knowledge, and they are adaptable to the real time conditions.