The following outcomes are evident after the completion of the MCA program. The students can

  • Apply the principles of engineering in the required aspects. Able to use mathematics and science effectively in achieving the required results.
  • Develop various computer applications by analyzing and interpreting the computer concepts.
  • Use the innovative tools and techniques to complete the projects. This saves a lot of resources, like time, manpower, etc.
  • Can design the computing systems within the realistic parameters, like financial conditions, social, political, etc. This facilitates the manufacturing real time usage of the product.
  • Recognize the importance of goals, and achieve them in any conditions. The progress of a firm or economy depends on the successful completion of the tasks, and the students are ready to perform outstandingly even in the worst situations.
  • Communicate verbally without any issues. Also, they have good writing skills to convey the needed to the fellow employees or the customers.
  • Work effectively as a team, and understand that collective work is highly productive than the individual performance. That means, the graduates are able to manage the work of their colleagues in the team, in case any issues arise. It guarantees that the output does not suffer due to the delay.