Mechanical Department infrastructure in detail:

  • Excellent infrastructure
  • Number of Laboratories 10 + 1 Workshop
  • Number of Class Rooms 08 + 02 Tutorial Class Room (each class has 70 seats)
  • Number of Staff Rooms 04
  • Number of Seminar Hall 02 + 01 Conference Room (equipped with audio visual aids)
  • Ladies waiting Room 01

 Machine shop (Area : 720 sq m)
Lathes, Milling Machines, Drilling Machines, Planing Machines, Slotting Machines, Grinding Machines, CNC Lathe, Cylindrical Grinding Machine, Bench grinder, Polishing Machine, Shaping Machine, Surface Grinde

Foundry & Forging Lab (Area : 45 sq m)
Universal Sand Testing Machine, Sand rammer, Beam balance, Permeability tester, Sieve analyser, Clay content tester, Moisture content testing machine, Ovens, Furnace, Different types of dies, Moulding boxes

Heat Transfer Lab (Area : 113.4 sq m)
Forced convection apparatus, Pin fin apparatus, Free or Natural convection apparatus, Parallel flow & Counter flow heat exchangers, Thermal conductivity apparatus, Stefan Boltzman apparatus, Emissivity apparatus, Equipment for critical heat flux mesurement, Vapour compression refrigeration apparatus, Air conditioning apparatus

Materials Testing Lab (Area : 108 sq m)
Brinell, Vickers, Rockwell hardness testers, Creep tester, Cupping tester, Impact tester, Rotary fatigue tester, Torsion tester, Universal testing Machines (manual and computer operated), Wear tester, Microhardness tester, Microscope

Fluid Machinery Lab (Area : 216 sq m)
Francis turbine test rig, Kaplan turbine test rig, Pelton wheel test rig, Gear Pump test rig, Impact of jet on vane test rig, Friction in pipes test rig, Single stage centrifugal pump test rig, Multi stage centrifugal pump test rig, V-notch, Venturimeter, Orificemeter

Basic Workshop (Area : 102.6 sq m)
Bench vices, Circular saw machine, Workbenches, Bench drilling machine, Bench grinder, Bench vices, Power hacksaw machine, Arc welding machine, Gas welding machine, Shearing machine, Circular cutting machine, Spray-painting unit

Metrology & Instrumentation Lab (Area : 141.75 sq m)
Accelerometer, Active filter, Analogue Computer, Field plotter, Audio signal generator, Calibration of thermo couple, Dial audio Oscillator, Five channel digital pressure indicator, Frequency, Audio Oscillator, Indicator, Load Cell, LVDT Amplifier, Gear tooth Vernier Caliper Bore dial gauge – 18X35mm, Bore dial gauge – 35X60mm

CAD & CAM/Automation Lab (Area : 727 sq m)
Vertical Milling Machine (CNC), Pick and Place Robot , CNC Turn Master, Flexible Manufacturing system, Computers, Softwares (ANSYS, Unigraphics, Inventor 9 with MDT, AutoCAD R-2005, Composite structure solver, Pamcrash solv



Department Library

The department library has the following facilities:

  • Books, National Journals, International Journals, e-journals
  • Multimedia
  • Project Reports, Seminar Reports, Final technical report of Sponsored Projects
  • Exclusive library in R & D with M.Sc. (Engg)/ Ph.D. theses / journals / Conference Proceedings and e-journals