researches and publications of intell college

Our college staff have conducted in-depth research in various aspects, and they have used these details in publishing research papers and books. They won many praises in the national venues, and it is a testimony to their talent and experience.

1.Dr. K Balaji Asst. Professor of Mathematics has authored a  text  book  titled ” Experimental  Statistics  for  Pharmacy  Students”  published by S Chand Publications.

2. Mr. G Sreenivasan, Assoc. Professor, Dept. of EEE has Co-authored a Text Book titled “Power System Operation and Control” published by Pearson Education.

3.Prof (Dr.) R Padma Suvarna, Professor of Physics has published a paper on “Parallel Print Port  for Phase Measurement” in International Journal of Advanced Computer Science and Publications.  ISSN 2156-5570, Vol. 1,4,2010, pp55-57.

4.Dr. P Sulochana, Assoc. Professor of Mathematics has published a paper on “Peristatic Transport of a Couple  Stress Fluid through a Flexible Channel” in International Journal of Fluids Engineering -ISSN 0974-3138, Vol.2, no.2(2010), pp 67-74.

5. Dr. Y Kesava Reddy, Professor of Management has published a paper on “Concurrent Engineering : A Competitive strategy for System Development” in International Journal of Applied Business and Economic Research Vol 9, No.1, (2011) 82-90.