Intell Students Testimonials

Proud to be an Intell Student

My college has the best faculty, and they were crucial in shaping up me as a fine engineer. They taught me how to implement the coding in real time projects, and this gave me an edge over the other job applicants at TCS. Yes, now I am a senior programmer at TCS, Mumbai, and thanks to my dear Intell for making my future worthy.

  • Divya Reddy, CSE(2009-13 Batch)


 Best college of JNTU Anantapur

Our college is the best in providing exceptional infrastructure and friendly faculty. The management had always backed us and they did not hesitate to spend on the required lab equipment. As an EEE student, I always needed advanced machines and equipment at the lab for my mini project works and I was never short of them in any of the 4 years.

  • Ch, EEE (2011–15 Batch)


 Splendid years of learning

My college days were quite splendid due to the friendly management and staff. They were always helping us to make us knowledgeable and capable. I had joined in Wipro Hyderabad right after the college and now working at Oracle Hyderabad. All this happened due to the foundation laid by Intell. Dear management, I owe you my life.


  • Anupama, CSE(2010–14 Batch)


 Intell is fantastic

We have conducted an on-campus program in 2014 at Intell Engineering College. Our only criteria was to select technically sound workforce, who were ready to indulge in the real time environment. My first impression was, the students at Intell were polite and well mannered. During the campus drive, our 3 member HR team have recognized the great potentials of the students. They were technically sound, had precise body language and fluid communication skills. Upon further scrutinization, we found the role of college faculty and management in making the students ready for the corporate world. That’s really a nice work Intell, we will always look at you for the fresh talent.


  • Vikram Ghokle (HR – Tech Mahindra)