MCA is an advanced program to finesse the skills of creating computer applications. Immaculate institutional facilities and expertise are required to teach this course. We, at Intell, are committed to provide the MCA students with the most innovative facilities and experienced teaching available at our hand.

Our infrastructure, like the computer labs, central library, digital learning, etc. are perfect in delivering the educational goodies to the students. The computer labs are offered with the latest and powerful computer systems, so that the students can work on any kind of applications they want. Our software library provides you with every tool to create the software applications.

The classroom training features experienced software lecturers presenting the academic topics in a futuristic way, so that you learn them and get well versed in their applications in no time. The next generation classroom coaching allows you to take full advantage of the practical sessions, since you have a handful of new thoughts and the required concepts for implementation.

The in-campus placements we have is a boon for the MCA students. They can get the desirable jobs in the reputed companies in the college campus itself.

These impeccable features are the pointers to the golden future you have with us.